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It´s a pleasure for us to introduce our BUSINESS CONSULTANT GROUPa leader in Outsourcing business management area,oriented to micro, small, medium and big corporations. We are an important group of accountants, lawyers, engineers, administrators, and quality management professionals. Additionally, we have the support of experts in different areas, we take care of EVALUATING your requirements to solve them as soon as possible. 

We have qualified personnel to advise you on identifying and setting up new businesses plans, foreign investment, national and international representative. We work basing our activities on theJoint Venture, offshoring, among others kind of contracts; this kind of contracts help your business to be strong and to be focused on investing more energy in developing your main goal without setbacks.

Currently, we have clients and allies in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, United States, Costa Rica, Pero, Chile, and over 125 countries. Our aim is to build clientele and a network to simplify the way of doing business around the world.
Our slogan is:Entrust the development and growth of your business with qualified personnel!
If this proposal interests you, and you require any further information contained herein, we would really appreciate if you couldcontact us to have the pleasure of including you in our select group of clients and economic networks.
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Business Manager 
Mobil: +1 (305) 202-3461
CONSULTANT BUSINESS GROUP was born in 2001 and thanks to the evolution of accountant systems and the support of other academic disciplines the firm started to offer services of outsourcing making strategic alliances with clients in different areas. Our success is also thanks to our experience over 18 years and our teamwork composed by administrators, accountants, financial analysts, lawyers, industrial engineers, and qualified personnel in human resources management, all of them are experts in their field of knowledge and have a good trajectory within our organization. 
To identify comparative and competitive advantages which allow your business to obtain benefits such as:
      Effort concentration
      Efficiency and effectivity in processes and activities
      Costs reduction and profit maximization
      Productive processes audit and feedback 
      Develop and promotion of human resources
      Strategic alliances identification to strengthen the social aim 
      More and better local, national and international business opportunities 
Our counseling allows clients to maximize their efforts and resources to achieve their traced objectives, and in this way, we help to solve administrative and economic matters, if you want we can be your business right hand and we will support you to take decisions within different areas of your organization.
We take care of test your business regard to your portfolio and we present you the diagnosis pointing out strengths and weaknesses, and finally, we show you the way of improving and being strong by using strategies to follow dealing with your necessities 
BUSINESS CONSULTANT GROUP, we offer to our clients a group of complementary services, using different technological resources develop to the veering market, showing up next our services:
OUTSOURCING ACCOUNTANT, FINANCIAL AND TAX. We are expert in cough accounting management of all types of companies engaged in commercial activities or at a profit or nonprofit services, private or public, capital or people; in which we apply the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the International Accounting Standards – IFRS, the Audit and Statutory Auditing Techniques – NIA ‘ S which are established in the law and norms that regulate accounting science, that is why nationally and internationally we advise you continuously in matters of National and International Taxes , we perform analysis and projection of cash flows, financial, management and operational indicators in general, we elaborate and evaluate internal control systems, and in general we know about the aspects related to the accounting science. We prepare accounting clearance for state companies. We process the accounting information in interactive software 100% web avoiding the transfer of documents from their place of origin and with the possibility of consulting the information in real time.
LAWYER OUTSOURCING: We heed all your queries and concerns regarding Commercial Law, Civil, Governmental, tax, and Administrative. Furthermore, we advise you in:
     National and International Arbitration
     Multi-jurisdictional litigations.
     Insurance and Reinsurance Law
     Civil and State Liability
     Guardianship actions, Enforcement actions, Class actions, and group action
     Corporative law
     Unfair competition
     Consumer rights
     Conciliations and Mediations
     Contentious Administrative Actions
     Business Law
     Public and Private Contracting
We can also support them in seeking agreements and portfolio recovery either judicial or extrajudicial arrangements. We prepare minutes, contracts, projects or any other type of judicial documents that are necessary for business development, we also help you to have the registry of patents and trademarks either in Colombia or abroad.
ADMINISTRATIVE OUTSOURCING AND HR: So that the advice can be even more integral. Each team member is assignedan advisor in charge of the organizational area, processes, balanced scorecard, times and movements, internal and external communication who seeks to sensitize the organization to achieve maximum productivity.We elaborate projects depending on the needs of each client (Presentation of applications applied to financial entities).We evaluate cash flows and equilibrium points that allow us to observe the economic behavior, the projections and the states of development to the point of reference to which it is expected to reach in a certain time. In this area, we have put all our effort in what concerns the provision of services of OUTSOURCING OF HUMAN RESOURCES (RRHH), which can be In-House and Out-House. It is a specialization of our outsourcing service, in which our work team becomes and serves as your human resources department for permanent and temporary staff, or for a person that is only for a project, and with any number of people of all profiles and levels. This service refers to the execution, by our work team, of all the steps taken during the work cycle of the employees who are at the service of our clients, these include the following:
      Payroll settlement and payment
      Administrative management
      Assignment of additional elements such as travel costs, cell phones, laptops, among others
      Monitoring and occupational health and welfare programs
      Monitoring and performance evaluation programs
We dictate lectures, talks, forums, seminars and courses on topics of current work, accounting, legal, tax, financial, initiation and development of business creation and start-up processes, systems or if you prefer the subject that interests you most and that is related to the aforementioned areas.
COMMERCIAL AND MARKETING OUTSOURCING: we structure a commercial strategy aimed at positioning your products distributing them in a potential market based on the sales budgets established by the company. we also helpto put you in contact with companies and people in charge of themarketing and development of your product both nationally and internationally. We develop strategic alliances for the achievement of contracts with government entities in accordance with the guidelines of law 80/93 in which mentions the direct contracting, small claims processes and direct bids. We provide our partners with online communication and positioning platforms, databases, and support consequently that you can improve your commercial activity. We accompany you in business roundtables in those countries where GCEhas a presence through Ando NEGOCIANDO; We are part of the worldwide network of Virtual Offices and Business Centers and we publish our virtual magazine on GCE RadioTV, which can be seen by thousands of followers on a weekly basis via Facebook Live.
If clients require the development and creation of CORPORATE IMAGE, we develop the corporate strategy of entrepreneurship from the approach and development of the Audiovisual Media strategy, Social Networks, Web Sites, Brochure, Logo, Banners, etc. That is part of the business environment raised above. 
To work as an external entity for our client companies, we seek to streamline and maximize the professional and financial resources so that they concentrate on their own “Core Business”
To be consolidated by the year 2025 as the best group of international professionals identified by the acronym GCE® Global.

You can see all of them on our website: http://www.grupoconsultorempresarial.com/clientes_EN.html
We develop our accountant service using SaaS technology and the traditional model, with strategic allies:


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