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GCE Global | Dignity is in leisure, not in “work”

#GlobalPayroll #GlobalOutsourcing #Accountability #Lawyer #Marketing #HR #GEO #PEO #Top20 #fankingtop20firm #GlobalNetwork #aroundtheworld @abradaworld #DoItWithGCE The idea that every job is decent, and that leisure is reproachable nowadays is already accepted, however, this affirmation hides some important aspects about the human being life. They talk about dignity in the work. BAH! Dignity is in leisure Firstly, […]

Ted Turner A valuable advice for professional life @gce.global #GCEGlobal #GlobalLife #GlobalSolutions #GrupoConsultorEmpresarial #InternationalCountryPartner

Ted Turner, the American businessman who founded the cable news network CNN, tells us that the most important business and life advice he received from his father was the following: “early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise “(Go to bed and get up early, work hard and advertise). This advice summarizes […]

Take a rest and go forward! Thereby issues are solved in GCE Place to Work

GCE Global Solutions #GlobalPayroll #GlobalSolutions #GCEGlobal #GlobalOutsourcing Issues are composed by complex elements which are inserted in space and time. Its relationship is intricate and has a dynamic that gets nocuous effects in the emotional state. The only efficient way to interact with them is dealing by using the rationality, for this reason the mental […]

Now we are “GCE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS” the global evolution of the former” GRUPO CONSULTOR EMPRESARIAL ” #GCEGlobalSolutions #GrupoConsultorEmpresarial ·GlobalPayroll #GlobalLawyers #GlobalAccountants #GlobalMarketing #GlobalEnterprises

We have established our own international network of partners in each country. We are important members of Public accountants, lawyers, engineers, administrators, and business marketing associations; In addition, to have the support of experts in different areas, we task of TESTING your requirements to solve them as soon as possible.  We have a professional staff to […]

Advantages of implementing human talent outsourcing

Some of the areas that play a very important role in organizations is human talent or human resources. The team that makes up this area fulfills the function of accompanying and providing all the necessary tools to the collaborators; since they begin their selection process, signing of contract and completion of tasks. How many companies […]