Now we are “GCE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS” the global evolution of the former “GRUPO CONSULTOR EMPRESARIAL” with the acronym “GCE ®“, a leader in the area of OUTSOURCING IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT for businesses around the world.

We have established our own international network of partners in each country. We are important members of Public accountants, lawyers, engineers, administrators, and business marketing associations; In addition, to have the support of experts in different areas, we task of TESTING your requirements to solve them as soon as possible.

We have a professional staff to assist you to identify and formulate business plans in foreign investment, national and international representation, Accounting, Auditing, Taxes, Human Resources Mobility, Global Employ Payroll, Legal consulting in commercial labor and Civil matters supported in the different ways to contract, such as:

Joint Venture, Outsourcing and Offshoring, among others, that will help your company to strengthen and concentrate on its main objective without setbacks.

Our accompaniment allows the clients to maximize their efforts and resources in order to achieve the objectives set by the organizations, and in this way we contribute to solving administrative and economic issues; If you wish, we will be the right hand of your company and we will be part of the decisions that you make in all the areas.

We are currently part of the network gce.global; We have clients and allies in more than 125 places around the world strategically located in EMEA and APEC.

Our purpose is to facilitate your business in a globalized world, but with local experience in +125 places around the world.

We take care to make the evaluation of your company in relation to the services that we offer and to present the diagnosis about it, pointing out its strengths and weaknesses, indicating the mechanisms to strengthen and improve, creating strategies to be followed according to the needs.

Our slogan is: We do things right!