GCE Global | Dignity is in leisure, not in “work”

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The idea that every job is decent, and that leisure is reproachable nowadays is already accepted, however, this affirmation hides some important aspects about the human being life.

They talk about dignity in the work. BAH! Dignity is in leisure

Firstly, is good to have the proper knowledge about the meaning of dignity:
“Attribute whose make himself value as a person. It behaves with responsibility, respect, and thoughtfulness to himself and not allowing to be humiliated by others.”
Secondly, it is helpful to clarify the meaning of leisure:

“The term leisure (Spanish: ociohas its origins from Latin “otium”which means rest and easiness. Leisure is the break, cessation or interruption of work. Furthermore, it can be defined such the free time of one person. The recreational time of one man uses voluntarily for its pleasure. The satisfaction of basic needs like sleep and eat. Leisure excludes all that refers to responsibilities and obligations in a working environment. The time of leisure appears as soon the human make free activities to get satisfaction and gratification.
Finally, is good to know that the interpretation of WORK is related to ACTIVITY. Because it’s a fact that every kind of activity involves effort and time.
Within the frame of these meanings exist an important relationship among dignity, liberty, and leisure. Therefore, there is a connection between dignity and leisure.
It´s more probable that work activities affect people dignity than leisure does.
In terms of physical and mental effort investment, work and leisure activities are the same. Not only we can associate leisure with inactivity. Keeping this in mind we can affirm “leisure time appears when the men do reward activities
From these simple comparisons we get some considerations:
1- It`s correct to say that work is only to get financial reward?

2- Leisure activities can give us financial reward?

The answer to questions 1 and 2 is yes. Obviously
These matters are not obvious for people due to natural conditioning. Because it`s true that not only work tasks give us economic compensation if not that rewarding tasks as well. 

Insomuch as the fundamental factor of freedom, it´s closer to discretional tasks, is a fact that dignity is better. Support in leisure.
Stablishing a moral issue that every human-built happiness daily looking to achieve its man goals. And this is reached essentially with the practice of rewarding activities. The idea of every task is linked with a disgusting work where you don’t receive a decent treatment and without freedom have to be deleted. 
The only human responsibility is to himself, in this way begins a virtuous cycle which benefits other humans. “And this responsibility is not related to making a job that not bring to the human a value condition”
In this sense, not all the jobs are not worthy, of course, and conversely, all activities in leisure time are rewarding. 
Economic incomes are necessary to achieve the human goals, these incomes have to be obtained doing that kind of activities which are rewarding and related to leisure. Easy!
This recommendation can be perfectly linked with the production of fulfilling activities, therefore, economic benefits are guaranteed.
On the other hand, every activity that is done with satisfaction is connected with excellence and produce better results and retributions. The social and individual impact of these activities always is positive.
Life is not about that story of “sweat and tears” which is have told to the human for centuries. The logic of “Hardworking” is have been a misunderstanding for all the history. The directions to avoid that the men become dissolute being are have been used to build the “hard-working” philosophy to justify suffering. 
Of course, one thing is laziness and another thing is to combat this illness with the apology of working 
Another immoral fact is the “easy” relation among job and work, this aspect has a universal approval because is easy (especially for sluggish minds) to associate a person with a job as a “worker”.
Is a fact that many tasks accomplished in the work sometimes attempt against people dignity, it´s like if you have to “pay” for having a job. That’s why people think that a person who doesn´t “pay” is an idle, a victim or just someone that we have to feel ashamed.
This misunderstanding about job attends against “people dignity” producing rules and new legislations. In this way job codes, worker syndicates and associations are made, all of these elements grant conditions in the workers’ environment.
The easier possibility to say I quit!As the way to finish an unsatisfactory relationship of work is never a solution, indeed.
The human being has all the conditions to generate its economic incomes, these people understand that the solution for a disgusting job is normally to quit it.
The moment that they understand this, thoughts like what is my future? how I can pay my debts? how I can support my family? Starts to appear in its mind.
If someone dares to say that the solution in leisure (in a good way), automatically it will be very much “in the public eye”.
It is right the person who affirms that a dream world is replacing the thought of “hard work” for the thought of “high production”. This is thought is very logical and doesn’t involve complicated sophistries.
“High production” emerges from the people who make rewarding tasks but not from the people who have an unsatisfactory job because they just feel “working”.
Dignity is in the leisure of course because never can be separated from freedom.
Dignity is in leisure because the first men responsibility is to preserve itself. Only in this way the person can be more responsible for others.
Dignity is in leisure because the social contribution of one person who makes that he likes is better and make him feel exalted.
We have to delete that paradigm which nowadays establishes that a person who has a job without some diploma is little worth. In this, though the doctor, engineer or professor even though having an unpleasant job always will be better than the happiest ice cream maker or than the carpenter with outstanding sales and good quality of life.
This paradigm exalts the person who works “from sun to sun” (although when he wastes time in inefficient tasks) and found suspicious the activity of people who “makes less effort” to achieve better results.
The man who has gifted with mental conditions in this world in contrast whit the man without aspirations allow him to avoid waste time working looking for the feeling of the completed mission doing tasks without any north or direction.
The man has the potential to focus its energies to make rewarding activities that allow him to satisfy his needs
Leisure activities don´t have a relationship with laziness or sluggishness these words means different things. The leisure means that goal to achieve and it is looking for feel freedom and enjoyment. If the cultural conditioning could do a step aside the leisure can be converted into a group of productive activities. 
If this last idea doesn´t lead us to dignity at least it can give us a worthy goal of life.