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Ted Turner, the American businessman who founded the cable news network CNN, tells us that the most important business and life advice he received from his father was the following: “early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise “(Go to bed and get up early, work hard and advertise).

This advice summarizes many things:

The importance of discipline in personal life as a determinant of professional development,
The necessary work culture.
And the vital importance of “communicating” to others what is done.
If there is a “compressed” recommendation that can guide the professional to the successful development of their task, this is what Ted Turner says.

“Lying down and getting up early” is a premise of order that defines the nature of the work that must be developed. The council “limits” even hours for the activity. This is, in the first place, a clear message for those who believe in the virtues of “gross effort”: endless and disordered work days that only consume energy necessary to face upcoming obligations.

The advice to “work hard” is an allusion to productivity. There is no work of higher quality or professional more capable than one that achieves its objectives by developing their tasks in specific periods. The “extra time” at work is not a virtue. It is the representation that something is wrong in the Organization or the person who performs the task.

On the other hand, when the council incorporates the recommendation to publish, it places this requirement at the level of the others, suggesting that orderly and productive work will not be fruitful if nobody knows it and is willing to “buy and pay for it”. .

Order in personal life, method for work and ability to make others know what IS and what is done.

A useful summary! Simple as everything good. But of dramatic difficulty for all who in the eagerness to make a link to Life, we make a loop around the neck.